What is a powerflue ??

Many manufacturers use the term power flue loosely. A power flue is in actual fact meaning that you can have an OPEN FRONTED FIRE IN ANY SITUATION !

Real Flame pioneered the first AGA approved power flue system in 2004. Prior to its development,
open fronted gas fires were restricted to using a vertical flue which prevented installations in many
situations such as the ground floor in two-storey homes, apartments or commercial applications.
The Power Flue enables the installationof open fronted gas fireplaces in virtually
any situation with a horizontal or verticalflue run of up to 13.5m and incorporating up to four 90-degree
bends. Longer runs with more bends are possible, however,Real Flame must approve these in writing. The Real Flame
Power Flue system has been incorporated with great successin a wide range of prestige projects around Australia.