Understanding Heater Star Ratings & Energy Efficiency

As we move more and more into our era of mindfulness about our carbon footprint, we become more aware of the emissions and efficiency of our home appliances.

This is also a consideration for us here at Real Flame when we design our gas fireplaces. We are proud to offer heaters that not only live up to high expectancy in terms of functionality, and design, but also in terms of efficiency. This is reflected in their star reviews.Understanding star ratings is beneficial when choosing a new heater. It’s an easy way for consumers to compare efficiency of heaters so they can make an informed and greener choice.

Star ratings are apart of the certification requirements, whether it be for an LPG or Natural Gas heater.  Tested by independent organisations, the star rating is determined by the net efficiency. This is calculated based on a combination of efficiency measures including all the gas and electrical outputs. It considers the amount of raw energy input consumed by the gas heater as a comparison to the heat energy output provided. This is calculated into a percentage which translates into a corresponding star rating.

So what does this all mean? A higher star rated heater can not only lower the emissions you’re sending into the environment, but it can save you money. For example: If you have an old heater that has a star rating of 1, it might cost you about $400 a year to run. If you upgrade to a heater with a star rating of 5 it will save you about 30% in running energy costs annually. That’s a saving of $120 a year, which if your heater has a lifespan of 20 years, it will save you about $2400 over its lifetime.

Some of our most popular gas fireplaces, are also the most energy efficient.

Our Element 1200 has a fantastic rating of 5.2 stars!

Our Landscape fireplace, an absolute favourite, has a rating of up to 4.7 stars

 And one of our newest additions to our range is the Inspire fireplace which rates at 4.6 stars.

If energy efficiency is a concern for you when purchasing a gas fireplace, we’d be more than happy to talk you through your best options. Give us a call on 03 5229 0844.