Blaze B520/820 Inbuilt Heater

The B520/820 is designed to be installed into either a full masonry cavity or with an optional zero clearance Kit. With easy to use features and a simple, modern design it fits well in any living space. The B520 comes with a 3 Speed Remote Controlled fan and the B820 with a 2 Speed Remote Controlled fan.

**Available for viewing in our showroom


Efficiency: B520 = 77% B820= 70%

Emissions: B520= 1.3 g/kg B820 = 0.90 g/kg

Coverage: B520 = 140-180sq mt B820 = 200-260sq mt

Weight: 520 = 125 kg, 820 = 153 kg

Firebrick internal lining

Black nickel plated handle

6mm steel construction