About Us

Real Flame Geelong has been operating from the Gordon Ave location for 10 years, but has recently undergone a huge transformation with a brand new showroom extension. Owner Stuart Glover brings with him almost 30 years of experience in the heating industry.

Real Flame Australia has been producing designer fireplaces made in Melbourne for over 30 years, their range is considered to be the latest in contemporary design along with understanding that there will always be a place for a traditional fireplace in Australia, therefore having multiple options available.

The Magiglo range of burners are the heart of all Real Flame fires. These burners incorporate the latest in safety technology including Oxygen Depletion and Flame Failure Safeties whilst delivering the most dynamic flame pattern available today.

The Power Flue system that was developed in 2004 enables open fronted fires to be installed into high rise apartments, ground floors of double storey homes and many commercial applications.

Since taking over, Stuart and the team have been busy extending the showroom to allow new brands and products to be introduced. They are excited to incorporate AGA, RAYBURN and STANLEY lifestyle cooking products to their store. Stuart has over 25 years’ experience in selling, servicing and installing these cookers throughout the UK and Australia.

These iconic cookers are engineered to the highest standards and are an individual, beautifully designed addition to any kitchen. Many celebrities have always used and relied on brands such as AGA, including Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White.

Stuart also specialises in the area of hydronic heating and has a full range of hydronics to showcase, and has introduced Superior boilers to the range. There is also Red Circle Solar Systems available that can be fully integrated with Hydronic heating, therefore giving you a full “off the grid” solution as an option.

“We offer the full customer service experience in sales, installation and after sales service. We understand that the customer is making a lifestyle investment with our products, therefore we believe in spending the time with our clients to ensure we can deliver the very best outcome for them. Our products are often a product you will only buy once in your lifetime, it’s our responsibility to ensure your experience is worthy of that. “