7 Reasons To Own a Rayburn!

For more than seventy years, Rayburns have been the warm heart of many homes, leading the field in slow combustion wood-stoves.  Built by the creators of the AGA cooker, it has great capacity for cooking and heating.  Below are some reasons why the Rayburn is one of our most well loved home appliances:

1. A central heating system and cooker in one neat package

Beneath the classically beautiful exterior of a Rayburn lies a highly efficient combined heating and cooking system that can create mouth-watering dishes, a wonderfully warm home and piping hot water, just when you need it. A Rayburn is an absolute workhorse for your home!

**Please note you can select between a cooker-only model or hot water or both hot water and central hydronic heating options.

2. Better food

The Rayburn is a brilliant cooker that produces amazing succulent food from cast iron ovens. Using the principle of indirect heat, the ovens gently cooks food and locks in flavour, moisture and goodness. So food simply tastes better! The ovens have a great capacity too being large enough to hold a 13kg turkey!

3. The green choice

The Rayburn was invented to run on renewable resources. That’s why our models operate on the green fuel, wood. Wood is carbon neutral because the amount of carbon dioxide released during burning is the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth. A Rayburn is the ideal choice for those who care for the environment as much as they care about good food and a warm home!

4. Design classic

A Rayburn has timeless appeal with it’s iconic smooth lines, beautifully enamelled exterior and many vibrant and classic colour choices to suit any kitchen. Whether you have a rustic, country kitchen or a sleek contemporary design, a Rayburn creates a stunning focal point. It is little wonder that they are an object of much desire. 

5. A Large Proportion of every Rayburn is made from recycled materials

Unlike other types of cookers, every Rayburn is almost completely recyclable, with a large proportion (about 70%) of each Rayburn made from used materials such as lamp posts, drain covers, old cast iron cookers, old machinery and much more. We are all about salvaging and up cycling! 

6. A wide range of boilers to power any size of home

From the smallest model in our 200 Series that can fuel two or three radiators, to the larger that can heat up to 10 radiators, there’s a boiler to suit any size of home. What’s more, the use of the very latest boiler design and burner technologies deliver the high levels of efficiency you would expect from modern heating systems.

7. A host of many conveniences

There are many tips & handy options for Rayburn owners like being able to dry your own herbs, loosen tough jar lids on the hotplate, you can even incubate farm animals in a Rayburn! 

We’re excited because until the end of July, you recieve $750 off the price of any Rayburn stove! To view our range click here, or call into our showroom to see one in person!